This or That: Nightstand Makeover

Posted by Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault on on March 27th, 2014

I am a self-proclaimed "Frugalista", which is really just a nice way of saying that I’m cheap! I love scouting for garage sale goodies and thrift store treasures in the hopes of finding that perfect piece to inspire a new DIY makeover. In fact, I think that even if I had a gazillion dollars, I would still use my thrify spidey-senses to search out cast-away furniture because I truly love the art of the find and the challenge of a makeover transformation.

I have a few favourite second-hand stores near my home that I frequent often. I’m not usually looking for anything specific, but rather for a unique piece that catches my eye and screams POTENTIAL! However, I HAVE been in search of a pair of nightstands for our master bedroom for yeeeaaaarrrrrssss, and I just haven’t spotted anything that made my heart skip a beat…and with a “Frugalista” price tag ;)

Until this past weekend, that is!!

I popped into one of my ultra fave used furniture shops called Moveline Liquidations, and I have to tell you, they have a genius thing going on in there!! They specialize in selling quality furniture pieces from major hotel chains across North America, and their prices are unbelievably affordable!!

Case in point…
Within minutes of stepping through the door I spotted THIS…

Solid wood, a chic combination of open and closed storage, sexy legs, and check out the amazing detailed fretwork on the sides! Not to mention the tag said it was from a swanky hotel casino…kind of cool right? I was in LOVE!!

And here’s the best part… Drum roll please…
I picked up two for only $80 each!!! I swear, I heard angels sing as I loaded them into my van.

So, now the great debate begins. What shall I do with these beauties???

I’ve been inspired by two very different looks for my nightstand transformation…both of which will totally work in our bedroom space, but what do you think?

I love the classic simplicity of a fresh coat of cream paint, but done in a chic high gloss finish. And can we please talk about that forged brass flush ring pull? Excuse me while I wipe away my drool!!

I still think this look is classic and sophisticated, but with a unique twist. I’m considering painting the entire nightstand in a soft feathery gray satin finish, but then highlighting the raised trim on the drawer front and side fretwork with white. To finish the piece off, I recently picked up a pair of tarnished brass lion’s head knobs, and these tables might just be the worthy pieces to show them off.

What do you think? Do you prefer THIS or THAT???
Should I play it safe or play up the details?

Leave a comment below or hop on over to our Facebook page and weigh in with your opinion.
But wait…do you have a different inspired idea? What would YOU do to these nightstands?

Be sure to check back soon to see the reveal of my “Frugalista” nightstand makeover!

Happy DIY-ing!!