Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

Posted by Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault on on October 8th, 2014

Picasso said it best…”Every child is an artist” …and if your child is anything like my 7-year-old son, he draws, paints, and colours like it’s his full time job. I’m certainly not complaining…I adore every single one of his creations, but the challenge becomes what to do with all of his little masterpieces. Well, after filling the third storage bin of art in less than a year, I decided that I would have to exercise a little creativity and DIY muscle to rethink how we could showcase each piece to be enjoyed.

I first thought of simply stashing all of his doodles and sketches into a portfolio book (or many), and then the creative juices kicked in…

What if I framed the portfolio to allow all of his gallery worthy goodies to be on display? Well, I gave it a whirl and it worked!

So, my project got me thinking…how else can I maximize display space for kiddie art. Well, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve collected some pretty fab ideas…

How rad are these hinged gallery frames? The answer is very!

Simple and chic, this wire and clip combo is a great way to display a multitude of colourful creations.

I love finding a new use for an everyday item, and these hangers are a fun way to put your child’s artwork on display.

“It’s elementary my dear…” I adore this youthful, school house approach to display notes, schedules, and even art. A ruler, painted clothes pegs, a dab of hot glue, and voila!

Maximize wall space by adding floating shelves or plate rails.

For a whimsical take on a traditional collage wall, create a silhouette frame with washi tape or a punchy paint colour.

How do you display your kidlet masterpieces in your own home? Share a picture with our Facebook community or tag me to a posted pic on Instagram and include the hashtag #helpingyoufinish.

Happy DIY-ing!