Leak Seal Saves Christmas


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Leak Seal Saves Christmas

Just had to let you know your Leak Seal product works amazingly well on inflatable Santas! Tis the season to bring out the holiday decorations; unravel the gigantic ball of lights that were meticulously separated when you put them away last year; and place the inflatable Santas, reindeer, penguins and Snoopies???, etc., strategically on the lawn in preparation for the family vigil at the hydro meter to watch it spin faster than the speed of sound. Much to any festive holiday decorator's horror, the feature inflatable, an 8' Santa purchased 7 years is no longer holding his air. The jovial round man in red looks like he's spent the off-season eating celery and jogging. Upon closer inspection I determined that there were several small "worn" areas that if I could see Santa's interior lights, must be allowing air to escape and the pump simply couldn't keep up to the air loss. Well, you just can't have a Santa that is in a perpetual state of bowing, as the focal point of the decorations...is it time to retire Santa? Can he be saved? Rustoleum Leak Seal (clear of course) to the rescue! With nothing to lose, I grabbed my "always at the ready Leak Seal" can and began spraying wherever I saw a "worn" area. Within minutes he was looking like his old "Yeah, I eat cookies and I'm proud of it" self. With the upper two sections still left to check and spray, it was off to Canadian Tire to replenish my stock of Leak Seal, just in case I found any additional leaks and for the seams. Short story, long; Rustoleum, and in particular Leak Seal are on my "NICE" list and I'm sure they are on Santa's "NICE" list as well. Oh, and one other thing. We Canadians are often a proactive lot when it comes to our inflatables (regardless of the occasion) so I might just add that it is also a good idea to check your fan motors for leaves. Due to the suction to create the inflation often leaves become pasted to the bottom of the motor which will reduce the amount of air being taken in. Must dash, I was so focused on getting Santa inflated that I didn't even notice that his lights were not working...really now, you can't have an 8' Santa that no one can see as the focal point of your festive decorations. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL

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