Sitting pretty


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Sitting pretty

Prep is important. I missed sanding a sticker down enough and it gave a sort of ridge. On the armrest where the is alot of contact needed more sanding to give it a smoother finish. When re-sanding to cover imperfections: your sand paper will take the paint and a new sand paper will be needed for next project. Drop cloths on the floor are helpful if you want to protect the ground. Wear an old shoe. 1. 1st step was cleaning - washing with Soap and Water. 2. Wiped and let air dry. 3. Sanded surfaces to try and get a smooth finish. 4. Re-wash to remove any particles from sanding. 5. Locate a good area to spray - Drop cloth/enclosed area with ventilation. 6. Spray - 7. Re-coat within the hour or wait 48hrs. 8. Cleaned tools using varsol to prevent clogging. 9. Put it on display for all to see.

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