Frog Turned Prince


Materials Needed

  • Stone Frog (or misc. garden ornaments)
  • Drop cloths or old cardboard box
  • Brick (optional)
  • Tremclad Hammered Finish Spray (colour of your choice)

Step 1

Meet your frog outside and set up your workspace. Either lay out a drop sheet in the driveway, a piece of lawn or open garage, or place a cut-up old box on your lawn to protect it from overspray.

Step 2

In order to make spraying the base of your project easier, place your little prince up on something sturdy. For instance, a brick tends to work well, or an old piece of wood.

Step 3

Using your choice colour of Tremclad Hammered Finish Spray, paint your prince with two or three light coats until it has a rich finish. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on preparation, application, and drying times.

Step 4

Allow to fully dry and then find him the perfect throne in your yard.

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